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<transcy>Slide Surfskateboard Swallow 33 &quot;Noserider available from April 4th - pre-order!</transcy>

<transcy>Slide Surfskateboard Swallow 33 &quot;Noserider available from April 4th - pre-order!</transcy>

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Swallow Noserider 33 ″

The Swallow Noserider 33 ″ is an ode to the surfboards of the 60s. With the new, improved 2019 axle, you can bring surfing into the city. The flagship of Slide Surf Skateboard is also suitable for carving down gradients or pumping up. The wheels are very grippy and also ensure safe pumping on the flat. With a weight of up to 90kg you have fun on the Swallow Noserider.

The axles make the noserider very manoeuvrable and nothing stands in the way of classic surf skating. Noseriding actually means steering the surfboard from the tip. So just give it a try. Noseriding is one of the most demanding maneuvers in surfing and usually only works with a longboard. If you try the maneuver: helmet on!

Deck: 33 "x 10.25"
Material: 7 ply Canadian maple
Front axle: Slide 3.0 165 mm
Rear axle: 165mm polished aluminum
Bikes: Slide black.
70mm x 51mm / 83A
Camp: ABEC 7

Slide surfskate were co-developed by the Spanish cult brand Sancheski a few years ago. The new slides of the 202 season are boards with an ultimate performance and you can ride your imaginary waves. No matter where you are!

Deliverytime: 3-4 days

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